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Female Self Pleasuring Tips For The Adventurous Woman

Expert Article By: EJ Davis

Unlike men, whose sex organs are available for self pleasure by stroking and stimulating any time of the day, women have to contrive to entice their clitoris out of hiding and available for pleasuring. One of the most common female self pleasuring tips is the use of sex toys and gadgets.

Luckily for us, female self pleasure toys can be found in our very own kitchen. Sure, jokes have been made about this, but it?s true. The usual suspects here are any penis-like vegetables and fruits, like carrots, cucumbers or zucchinis. Bananas are too soft to do the trick. Sometimes, un-penis-like fruits and vegetables can create another type of female self pleasure as a form of taste aphrodisiac: cherries, grapes, or sections of oranges. Feel free to use different female self pleasure techniques to enhance your arousal. Inserting any of the penis-like items inside your vulva, as you would a dildo will add to your self pleasure. As a female self pleasure technique, the use of fruits and vegetables has a lot going for it: It will not endanger you physically, in contrast to, for example, using a bottle, which might break inside you, or, a piece of wood, which might splinter--ouch! I am not sure that anyone has ever used an open bottle for this purpose, but it is worth cautioning all women against it: An open bottle will form a-suction inside you and it would be quite impossible to remove it without the embarrassment of explaining to a doctor why you are depositing strange objects inside your vagina.

After you?ve pleasured yourself with just about everything you can from your fridge, you might want to try a dildo. Dildos have been manufactured to be sold and used especially for female self pleasuring. They were not merely created to aid men in their sexual fantasies when they watch all those erotic movies. Erotic movies, however, are very informative when it comes to learning how to use dildos. Use a dildo to massage your clitoris and slide it in and out and around your vagina. Even better are the men, who possess the lingual skillfulness similar to a dildo but more importantly, they are selfless enough to aspire to that ability. Either way, these great female self pleasuring techniques will open up a whole new world of female self pleasuring ideas.

Copyright 2005 ? E.J. Davis

About The Author

E.J. Davis is a writer who firmly believes that the ultimate pleasure begins with a simple caress. She currently writes for a1-online-dating.com.



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